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One-on-one training offers a highly personalized and immersive learning experience that surpasses traditional group classes. Over the course of three days, you will acquire all the necessary tools and knowledge to confidently take on new extension and color clients. You will learn how to conduct consultations with ease, master the art of color matching, and execute flawless installations. As a perfectionist myself, I have designed this training program specifically for stylists who are committed to providing the highest quality service possible. By the end of the training, you will possess the skills and confidence to excel in your craft and exceed your clients' expectations.

1:1 Extension Certification

  • 3 days, 1 on 1 hands on training

    • Day 1: Approx 6 hrs Extension Theory, Shadow with a live guest

    • Day 2: Approx 6 hrs New extension kit unboxing, color matching, hands on doll Head work, Full install (mannequin head)

    • Day 3: approx 6 hrs Supervised full install on live model (provided by you)

    Extension Kit

    • Sewing needles 

    • 2 Beaders 

    • 5 different colored beads 

    • 3 Different colors of thread  

    • Extension clips 

    • Extension Pliers 

    • Extension tool case

    Certified In

    • Hand tied wefts 

    • Hybrid Weft 

    • Machine wefts 

    • Beaded weft

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